Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Albion Stigma

As the press stood on its trolley in the warehouse, I had not realised that it was just loosely stacked and not not bolted together. As I examined it, the press shifted and started to collapse. The bed started to fall and I knew that the cast iron would probably shatter as it hit the floor. Without thinking, I stuck out my foot to break the fall. I hadn't thought about the possibility of breaking my foot. I limped to the car and drove for a couple of hours with a swollen and painful foot.

I reached Ely and pulled into the minor injuries clinic. They had a good poke about (ouch!)n and decided that the bone was probably not broken. They asked how I had injured myself and I told them. They did very well as far as keeping a straight face was concerned.

Today, nine months later, I still bear a small, clear red mark on the top of my right foot. My press had marked me. It seemed inevitable that I should buy it.

However, I still had concerns and set up a temporary website to show what I had found. I posted the URL on several printing lists anbd received several positive replies. I also contacted Jeremy Winkworth who I found through the Briar Press classifieds. Jeremy was experienced at moving and setting up presses and came highly recommended. He gave me a quote which I accepted and I settled a price with the seller. Fnally, I took out a loan to cover all of this and anything else that I would need to bring this fine old press back to life.

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