Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Bigger Press

My new Albion arrives on Monday. I am buying this unseen, though I have received a photo of part of it:

This is much bigger than my current Albion and the idea is that I can not only edition current large blocks but also plan larger images for the future.

This has all set a flurry of activity; I need to clear space in the studio and also find the money to fund this purchase; thesepresses are not cheap! I will continue to work on the money tomorrow but the current task is to dis-assemble the Arab press to point that it will get through the door. This Herculean task continues tomorrow.

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David Frazer said...

Hi, i'm buying an Albion unseen. It's big, 24x18 inch built in 1865 and weighs 1 ton. I'm a little freaked out though about the size and weight. I'm only renting and i'm worried about how i'm going to get it into my little shed, and when i next move etc. Is the one you've shown putting together smaller than the one i'm getting? I was told i would need a crane truck and engine hoist. It sounds awful to me and i'm wondering whether to give it all a miss. Do you have any helpful advice for me? cheers,David.