Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Covering the Tympan of the 1902 Albion Handpress

I have rather neglected the large Albion press recently. It was a question of making time to cover the tympan; there was always something else that I had to do.

Finally, I needed to print from some larger blocks and so I could delay no longer. Here we go...


Unknown said...

Good to see the Albion in action. Bit worried that the platen does not seem to be square to the tympan. Needs adjusting??

Claire & David

Tony Drehfal said...

Thanks Andy,

I am finally getting time to recover my tympan and this video entry is a marvelous resource - thanks. I will recover mine with heavy brown paper like you did on this video, but do plan to try a smooth natural parchment hide someday in the future.
As my tabletop Albion's tympan is so relatively small (compared to yours), my parchment costs will be manageable.